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PC Asset Management Software

PC Reporter (Asset Tagging, Tracking & Early Warning)

PC Reporter (Asset Tagging, Tracking & Early Warning) is a Software which is used for pending Hard Disk problems. This Software is designed to protect your computer’s (software & hardware) assets. The Software works in automated (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting) mode. This Application monitors various software and hardware parameters to provide the report of the condition of the assets connected to your computer.

The Software is based on S.M.A.R.T technology. It monitors parameters such as Temperature, Head flying height, Spin-up time and many other parameters. Then it compares these parameters to a specific value below / above on which the Hard Disk is likely to fail. Once any of the value reaches to that threshold value or exceeds that value, this Software displays an alert of the problem.

The concept behind S.M.A.R.T. technology is that there are many issues with Hard Disks which do not occur immediately. Some problems occur due to degradation of various mechanical or electronic components. This Software measures those parameters and if  any measurement value reaches the threshold value it shows as a  warning.

Asset Tagging feature offers tagging about CPU, Motherboard, Hard Disk, Memory, Network, Printer, CD-ROM, Mouse, Keyboard, Operating System, Sound Card, and all the software installed in the system & gives Alerts on any change in the tagged assets.

Why use PC Reporter (Asset Tagging, Tracking & Early Warning)?

This Software helps to track the assets of your computer. The Software checks the condition of software and hardware assets and provides you the asset report. If there is any problem with the assets, it will give you a warning so that you can protect your computer. Hence this is a very important Software.

System Requirements

Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008 Server/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10

800MHz processor or higher


512MB (Windows XP and server 2003)

1 GB (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10,Windows 8, Windows server 2008)

50 MB available hard disk space


  • Monitors SMART parameters of the Disk.
  • Tags & Tracks Hardware Assets i.e. Motherboard, Memory, Mouse, Keyboard, Hard disk, Printer, Operating System Info, Network, Processor etc.
  • Tags & Tracks Software Assets i.e. installed Programs and Softwares.
  • Generates an alert, as soon as any hardware and software changes are done on the system or the Hard Disk temperature crosses the set critical temperature.
  • Auto alert of any Hard Disk pre-failure.
  • Schedule feature for Monitoring duration.
  • Setting of report log size (Min 1 MB to Max 5 MB).
  • Manage the logs by setting log days (Min 1 day to Max 90 days).
  • Displays a graph of temperature variations of the disk.
  • Tags details of CPU, HDD, RAM, NIC., CD-ROM, Printer, and Sound Card etc.
  • Logs all changes & HDD pre-failure parameters.
  • Disk Cloning
  • Disk Scanning ( For Bad Sectors)
  • Enable or disable password for the Software.
  • Option to save Software settings so that they can be restored when needed.
  • Option to reset Software settings to default.
  • Gives the feature of reporting system activities through e-mail or by FTP.