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Activity Reporter for Windows

Activity Reporter for Windows

Activity Reporter has proved to be an effective, robust and user-friendly software. In today’s scenario, Data Security is a major concern for all Corporates to keep competitors at bay so that they should not be able to get hold of any critical information which would bring all the hard efforts to naught. You can use this software to monitor the activities of the computer. This software would act as an ideal detective. You can get the report of every keystroke / every activity on the computer or internet and you can get the screenshot of user’s activity on a regular basis. The feature of Whitelist and Blacklist applications will help you to monitor more effectively. You can use this software to get the various types activity reports in different formats. You can monitor all the activities effectively and keep the network more secured. Even home users can use this software so that they can keep an eye on their children and get the report of all their activities. Activity Reporter helps in keeping a  watch on the applications & websites surfed by the user/client and all keystrokes that have been pressed by the client. It also keeps a record of screenshots taken. It also records the exact time a user was working or the system was idle.

Activity Reporter For Business

  • User-wise Reporting & Monitoring
  • Monitor your Employee’s Internet & Application Activity
  • Increase Employees Efficiency by 30%
  • Report can be viewed on Email & Desktop
  • Monitor your Laptop Activity in your Absence

Why use Activity Reporter software?

Activity Reporter software is a very effective software from the security point of view and in today’s world security is the most important concern of every corporate and also for a home user. During these days cybercrime is very common so we should make our system and our network secure. This software helps to provide you all the details of all the activities so that you can check and make your network secure.

System Requirements of Activity Reporter

Operating System : Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Window8.1 and Windows10

Processor : 800 MHZ processor or higher

RAM : 512 MB for Windows XP and 1 GB for (Windows Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows8.1/Windows 10)

Hard Disk : 50 MB available hard disk space


  • Captures Application activity.
  • With the help of application monitoring, time log can be maintained for specific applications
  • Complete activity report w.r.t. user login if multiple users are working on the same machine
  • Provides the details of each user login and log out time
  • A Unique feature of Blacklist and Whitelist
  • Blacklist: Applications that are added will get captured and be visible in alert
  • Whitelist: Applications that are added would not be captured.
  • Captures clipboard contents.
  • Captures all Internet activities with features of Blacklist and Whitelist.
  • Blacklist: Websites that are added will get captured and be visible in alert.
  • Whitelist: Websites that are added would not be captured.
  • Captures all keystrokes, in case sensitivity.
  • Option of showing system/non-printable keys is also available.
  • Takes screenshots within the specified time interval or on every mouse click.
  • Option of different qualities of the screenshot
  • Option of capturing the desktop and capturing the foreground of the window.
  • Setting of report log size (Min 1 MB to Max 5 MB).
  • Manage the logs by setting log days (Min 1 day to Max 90 days).
  • Logging of working hours and idle time.
  • Option to select the level of tracking.
  • Sends the reports to the specified email (in the stealth mode).
  • Uploads all logs into the separate folders by FTP (in the stealth mode).
  • Password protected so that only authorized personnel can access the reports.
  • Has an intuitive interface which is very easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Captures Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP chats.
  • Intercepts DOS-box and Java-chat keystrokes.
  • Option to save software settings so that they can be restored when needed.
  • Option to reset software settings to default.
  • Reports of Application activity, Clipboard activity, working log, Internet activity, Keystrokes, Screenshots all in HTML format.
  • Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP chats.
  • Intercepts DOS-box and Java-chat keystrokes.