Smart Utilities Net: Water Project, Network and Billing Management Software for Rural & Urban Irrigation

Smart Utilities Net

Re-imagining India

Smart Utilities Net is a Digital Initiative utilizing Information and Communication Technology(ICT) to provide real-time, automated data for use in resolving water distribution laying challenges to operation and maintenance. Solution has integrated, mobility, monitors, geographic information system, web technologies, POS, other data sharing tools for effective construction and maintenance of Rural/Urban/Irrigation water/effluents. Governments Jal Shakti Scheme has helped expand the water supply to each household. Industries and utilities have moved towards real-time-data collection to optimize their operations and knowledge.
Smart Utilities Net Solution covers the data aggregation to utilizing it for operation, maintenance and customer management.
Smart Utilities Net has been implemented in various Water Distribution Project across India and Middle East.

  • PlannedNetwork:-
    • Integrate with Planning
    • Asset Planning & Mapping
    • BOQ Generation
  • Construction Management:-
    • Handheld Application to capture the “As Constructed Features”
    • Generate Pipe-Book with Linked Inspection documents.
    • Generate Daily Progress Report.
    • View gaps in construction.
    • List unplanned fittings.
    • Compare Planned vs Actual installation.
    • Dashboard having real-time construction progress.
    • Maintain traceability of Assets
    • Hindrance reporting and resolution tracking
    • WTP/OHT Construction Management
  • Inspection & Maintenance:-
    • Line maintenance scheduling with Alerts
    • Asset/Equipment maintenance with Alerts
  • O&M Analytical Dashboard:-
    • Reporting Raw-Treated Water
    • Energy Consumption
    • Water Quality
    • WTP Plant Log
    • Distribution water supply
    • Supply status in Villages
  • Customer Management with Thematic Analytics:-
    • New Connection Requests
    • House Service Connections
    • Mutation, Disconnection and Reconnection
    • Complaints & Resolution
    • Customer Billing with POS