Efficient Asset Management Solutions: Best Software for IT or Non IT Asset Tracking and More

Asset Management

Asset Management Software - HRM Mitra

Tag & Track your organization's valuable assets

Say ‘Hello’ to a future-driven Asset Tracking & Tagging Software Solution to manage all your IT Assets with ease.

HRM MitraAsset Management Software tracks asset details in real-time. It’s vital to track and keep a record of where your organization’s assets are, and when they are due back from employees to ensure hassle-free functioning.

Unistal’s Asset Tracking and Tagging Software ensures you and your team stay on the same page. Companies can use this Enterprise Asset Management Software to know the whereabouts of assets such as fixed, movable, & consumable assets that have been physically assigned to each employee. HRMS Best Asset Management Software helps organizations track their valuable assets by providing better visibility, traceability, and accountability with a single click.

Tracking assets with this software can help you in the following ways:

  • Keep track of employees’ assets’ lifecycle.
  • Maintain product inventory report.
  • Maintain System details reports of all software, hardware, network, and hard disk
  • Determine and track the performance of the system based on several factors, including Laptop, CPU, RAM, and hard disk etc.
  • Once you install Asset Management Software in your employees’ system, you’ll never lose track of assets.

With Asset Tracking and Tagging Software, you can easily:

Tag & Track and Report the physical assets assigned to your workforce.

Why use Asset Tracking and Tagging Software in your organization?

  • Helps extend an asset's life
  • Results in reduced maintenance expenses
  • Helps streamline daily operations
  • Assists in scheduling and tracking asset maintenance
  • Aids in increasing overall productivity
  • Helps monitor movable assets
  • Advantages of Asset Tracking & Tagging

  • Reduce downtime to increase productivity
  • Protects assets with a scalable solution
  • Asset lifecycle management that extends asset life
  • Enhanced maintenance planning
  • Enhance asset security
  • Budget planning and an interactive dashboard
  • Lifecycle mapping of assets
  • Tracking the effectiveness of equipment
  • Prevent maintenance schedules
  • Budget planning and interactive dashboards
  • System Requirements

    Operating Systems: Windows 7 SPI, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11

    • Processor: 1.2 GHz or above (i3 and above)
    • RAM: 4 GB or above
    • Hard Disk: 50 MB

    Features to help Stay Organized Effortlessly

    • High-Risk Asset Tracking: Closely monitoring and managing assets critical to a business's operation and success
    • Asset Life Cycle Tracking: Monitoring and managing assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal
    • Asset System Performance: The ability of your asset tracking and tagging system to monitor, manage and report on your assets accurately
    • Asset Software Report: An analysis of the performance of a software system for tracking and tagging assets
    • Asset Hardware Report: Analyzing the performance of physical hardware used for asset tracking and tagging
    • Asset Process History Report: Documents the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of an asset over its entire lifecycle
    • Asset Critical Alerts: When a critical event or anomaly occurs with an asset being tracked and managed, an alert is sent
    • Inventory Management: This involves tracking and managing assets in your system
    • Memory Threshold Report: This report analyzes the memory usage of the system and provides insights
    • Asset Change Alert: Notifications are sent when an asset's status or attributes change
    • Non-movable Inventory: Permanent assets, such as fixed assets and equipment, which cannot be moved
    • Movable Inventory: Inventory that can be moved or relocated, such as laptop, mobiles, pen drive etc.
    • Consumable Inventory: This refers to inventory that is depleted or used up over time, such as office supplies or maintenance materials
    • Custom Fields Creation: Your tracking system allows you to add additional attributes to your assets beyond the standard fields
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