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Cyber Crime Support Services

Unistal employes trained and experienced computer forensic engineers who examine and collect the 4Ws and 1H–who, what, when, where, and how–of computer-related conduct and provides all-important edge in litigation and investigations. Our experts will help you to find hidden or hard-to-find data, recreate critical computer-related events, access data that seemed permanently lost due to hardware or software malfunction and present computer forensics findings. Our forensic experts have provided valuable inputs and support in resolving many complex cases.

Our services range from recovery of data from the dead phone, hard drives and laptops to tracking and recovering PST email conversations. Our world class experts use extensive research in the identification and extraction of data from the media devices. With our high quality computer forensics and cyber crime investigation services we dig up critical electronic evidence and perform a structured investigation and provide satisfactory results in the given timeframe. We also have a team of expert legal consultants, who can assist you in dealing with the legal processes.

How Unistal can help in cybercrime forensics:

  • Recovery of deleted files, folders from formatted, corrupted or dead media devices
  • Tracking PST email conversations
  • Recovering deleted PST email conversations
  • Repair and recovery of PST, OST, NSF, DBX, EDB files etc
  • Recovery of data from formatted media devices like hard drive, pen drive, CD/ DVD, etc.
  • Provides accurate and tamper-proof data for litigations and judicial purposes