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Activity Reporter

Activity Reporter - HRM Mitra

Employee Performance Enhancement Tool

With Unistal’s HRM Mitra – Activity Reporter, Admin / Manager can keep track of employees every minute spent on their workstations to increase productivity. Productivity Tracking Software is web-based and installed on employees’ computers that capture every activity as per the company’s policy.

Activity Reporter management or an Employee Performance Management Tool can easily interpret advanced reports equipped with leading control systems. A proactive employee monitoring software that boosts productivity and improves data security. Activity Reporter provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows management to quickly and accurately analyze employee activity. The reports are customizable, so management can drill down into the data and find the insights they need. It also helps to ensure compliance with regulations and can help to reduce risk.

Activity Reporter or Employee Performance Enhancement Tool enables employers to monitor their employees’ online activities during working hours with Employee Tracking Software. The Activity Reporter is a user-based solution that gives complete access to the admin/manager. They can set location, and device login accessibility for employees. Depending on the needs of the company, the employer may create a company structure. Using geolocation, they can also define a radius around the locations of their employees’ check-ins and check-outs. Additionally, their mobile phone can be used for face recognition while they are logging in or logging out with Employee Monitoring Software. The admin has full control over whether to approve or disapprove employees’ check-in and check-out locations and device usage.

Advantages of Activity Reporter Software:

  • Organizations can boost resource productivity by removing the internet, computer games, movies or unproductive website and App
  • Employee written communication with clients gets monitored to protect companies from litigation
  • Protects businesses from fraud, insider threats, data leaks, and other risks
  • Admin Software Modules

    Activity Reporter make software usage easy and reliable

    • Company Configuration
    • Employees Configuration
    • Managers' assignment and access rights
    • Configure productive and non-productive websites and applications
    • Employee Policy Assignment
    • Employees download and install the setup
    • Report Generation

    Features of Activity Reporter:

    • High-Risk Employees Tracking: Employee Monitoring Software helps companies track high-risk employees and monitor their activities to ensure safety protocols. This includes tracking their online activity and location.
    • Productive/Unproductive Time Tracking: This feature helps track employees’ online time spent ensuring they are using their time productively. It can also detect any unproductive activities so that management can address them.
    • Remote System Tracking: Admins/managers can use this feature to track and monitor employee activities even when they are offsite or working remotely. Employee Tracking Software allows companies to ensure employees follow established protocols and policies when working away from the office.
    • Application Tracking: The software allows companies to track applications and websites, providing a better understanding of employee productivity and potential security risks. It also can block certain applications and websites if needed.
    • URL Tracking: This feature logs URLs accessed by employees and can alert the IT team of any suspicious activity. It can also be used to block websites that are not related to company operations.
    • Title and Path Tracking: The software records the titles and paths of files accessed by users. It is useful for detecting any unauthorized access or data leaks. It can be used to track user activity and identify any potential problems.
    • Project Time Tracking: This feature records the times a project was started and completed, helping managers to keep track of team progress. It can also provide insights into how long certain tasks take to complete, allowing managers to better estimate timelines for future projects.
    • Desktop Screenshot: It captures screenshots of employee desktop activity every 5 minutes or after a set time frame. Managers can then review what their team is working on at any given time, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing workflow.
    • Key Log Tracking: This feature records employees' keystrokes and mouse clicks, allowing managers to see which applications and websites are being used. This helps them understand where time is being spent so that they can identify areas for improvement.
    • Outlook Tracking: It allows managers to monitor the emails sent and received by employees. It can help identify areas of concern, such as personal emails being sent during work hours. This also helps monitor emails for sensitive topics or information.
    • Working/Idle Time Tracking: This allows managers to track the amount of time employees spend working and idle. Employee Tracking Software can be used to ensure employees are not wasting time on non-work related activities and that they are working efficiently giving an insight into employees' productivity levels.
    • Internet Downloading and Tracking: This feature monitors employees' internet usage and tracks which websites have been visited. Productivity Tracking Software help employers ensure that employees use the Internet for work-related activities and not for personal use.
    • Net Usage Tracking: Net Usage Tracking can be used to monitor the amount of time spent on a particular website and how much data has been downloaded. This information can be used to measure employee productivity and detect potential security risks.
    • Productive/ Nonproductive Application/Website Tracking: This feature filters out distractions and ensures that employees only access applications and websites relevant to the job. It also helps identify security risks that arise from inappropriate use of applications and websites.
    • Employee-Wise Remote Access: Remote access tools can be used to monitor employee activity and ensure that they are not accessing sensitive data or resources without permission. Employee Monitoring Software restricts employees from accessing certain websites or applications to protect against potential cybersecurity threats.
    • Videos and screen mirroring to take screenshots: These tools can also be used to monitor and track employee activity on corporate networks. They can help identify and address security risks quickly.
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