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Pipeline Construction Management Solution

The main purpose of the Construction Management System (CMS) for Pipelines is to facilitate the availability in terms of GIS location and status of each pipe and fitting along with documentation/attributes during project construction which assures quality deliverables during completion stage. The solution also accelerates the transfer of information to the end-users by managing the project documentation in an electronic web-based manner that ensures the availability of accurate and up-to-date tracking of project construction activities. The solution also minimizes the construction changes TQ’s & TC’s hence optimizing the project schedule.

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  • Generation of Unique TAG ID’s for Pipes and Fittings
  • Real-time Tracking using Mobile hand-held at
  • Manufacturer
  • Dispatch
  • Yards
  • Installation
  • Generation of Delivery Notes
  • Online Reconciliation Statements for Used and Unused Pipes
  • Pipe Tally Report with Associated Joints
  • Cut Pipe Register
  • Scrap Pipe Report
  • Quarantine and Damage Pipe Register
  • Pipe Register with linked Data Sheet, MTC, Dispatch Notes, IRN.
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  • Daily Logging of Construction Activities
  • Generation of Electronic Pipe-Book
  • Linked Inspection Reports in Pipe-Book
  • Daily Progress Report with asking rate
  • Lowering Clearance Report
  • Tie-In Report
  • Crossing Construction Report
  • Welder Performance
  • Exception and QC Reports
  • S-Curves and Graphical Reports
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  • Generation of Line History Sheet
  • Station Piping DPR
  • Fittings and Equipment Report
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  • Document Approval Tracking
  • Indexed Documentation
  • Tender Docs
  • Procedures
  • Material PO
  • Test Certificates
  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Vendor
  • Commissioning
  • Handover Documents
  • Document Management
  • Handover List
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  • Hierarchical landowner Records
  • Land & Crop Compensation Details
  • Village & Cadastral Maps
  • Notifications 3(1), 6(1) CA Awards
  • Landowner details like Intimations, Compensation.
  • Linked Pachamama, NOC and Objections
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  • Based on PODS data model
  • Visualize the route on imagery
  • Plan based on Base Maps
  • Construction Progress layers
  • Click to view details of all Joints, Fittings
  • View all Administrative and Cadastral Boundaries
  • Shortest route to reach any pipeline feature
  • Linked PDF reports and drawings
  • Land parcels with landowner details
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  • Real-time Construction Activity Monitoring helps planning
  • One platform covering all pipeline data on GIS, Documentation, Line Pipe Status, Pipe-book- Saves space for storing the humongous amount of documents
  • Quick retrieval of reports like pipe-book, progress reports, saves time
  • Ready reference for Quantity and work measurements
  • Authentic reports and data – Linked with Approved Documents
  • Auto-validation during Data Logging – Supports QA/QC
  • Digital documentation process, less paper documents, hence being Green
  • End-to-End traceability/reconciliation of Material – Optimise resources
  • Systematic Consolidation on Data/Documents – Saves time
  • Helps in As-Built data generation and handover
  • Search for documents/reports/pipeline data – Saves time
  • Mapping the pipeline so that it can be tracked after laying – Visualize
  • Interlinked data/documents form base platform for O&M
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Unistal Systems offers a comprehensive suite of pipeline construction management software solutions, PCMS. With Pipe Track and pipeline construction management software & system one can streamline project workflows and track progress seamlessly. Enhance operations with our integrated construction, Document management & cadastral management software. Book a Demo Now.