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About Unistal

Unistal – Experience a Brighter Tomorrow...Today

Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in data security, data recovery and data care products, solutions & services. As a startup in 1994, Unistal developed solutions for preventing data loss (Crash Proof) when the industry was worried about ways and means of removing viruses. Today, we have 51 products for data security and data recovery domain.  With an aim to provide the best solutions & services to our customers and stand above the competition, we constantly work on developing innovative products & solutions to make data care easier for everyone.

Unistal’s robust data recovery software tool rose in popularity and “Quick Recovery” has retained the top 3 world rankings for 10 years now. The Quick Recovery software is among the best data recovery software around the world.

With more than 150 people, 51 products, 5000 channels, 12,00,0000 satisfied customers and presence in more than 100 countries, Unistal has achieved the unique distinction of being the only company covering all the aspects of PC security. Be it viruses, data loss, security threats, data theft (Port Locker), laptop theft (Locate Laptop), parental control(Activity Reporter), email conversion/repair, file repair to even irreversible data wiping(Data Wipe Software), Unistal has the solution which is simple to use and quick in performance for any user.

Unistal’s Complete Security Solution – “Protegent 360” protects users from…

  • Internet threats with internet security
  • Data loss with proactive data recovery tool
  • Unethical activity
  • Data Theft
  • Loss of laptop
  • System slow down

This unique product has 75% more benefits than the best products available in the market.

Unistal has a world-class clean room data recovery lab and experienced data recovery & research specialists who personally recover your data from any kind of media (mobile data recovery), desktop & laptop (Windows data recovery, MAC data recovery) and servers (Novell traditional data recovery, Sun Solaris data recovery). This 24x7x365 service is available from Unistal’s 30 centers across the globe and also available through Remote Access facility. Unistal has recovered data from inaccessible and large Raid Servers situated in different cities using the Remote Access facility. Having an inventory of almost all types of hard disks and storage media, Unistal assures the best data recovery success rate. The data forensic division assists the Government agencies too. Data Recovery and Forensic Specialists are experienced in digital and forensic investigation, e-disclosure and data analysis to detect computer malaise, intellectual property theft, fraud in employment and disputes where digital evidence is critical. Unistal’s digital forensics team professionally acquires electronic evidence, preserves data, analyses and provides legal documentation so as to strengthen the outcome of any related legal proceedings. Unistal’s experts can recover data from any type of malicious attack, including mechanical, electronic, firmware issues or logical issues, re-partitions, low-level formats and secure digital wiping. Identifying evidence with a focus on relevant activity along with legally defensible reports is done from servers, desktop computers, laptops and mobiles.

Unistal has also diversified to be a global provider of Information Technology (IT) & GIS services. Unistal serves Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Power, Telecom & Government organizations. Moreover, it endeavors leadership in Oil & Gas Pipeline Information Monitoring, Control and GIS Solutions with project footprints across the globe. Having successfully completed more than 75 Projects of 26,000 KM in length, mapping City Gas Network and Assets for more than 5000 KM, the team has gained vast industry experience with strong domain knowledge. All pipeline solutions are designed on International standards-based on PODS (Pipeline Open Data Standard).

Unistal has succeeded as a comprehensive solutions provider because of the well-alloyed team comprising of specialists from the fields of Technology, Services, Operations and Business Management. Unistal’s extensive experience enables their services to be simultaneously vast in theory and specific in application.

Unistal strives to enable its customers to harness the infinite potential of Information Technology, thus greatly enhancing overall success through a better competitive edge and more profitability.

The solutions are proffered on Open Source (LAMP), Sun Java & Microsoft.Net platforms. Consequently, we strive to provide quality software with cutting edge technologies, which helps the business to manage their solutions, improve the process and optimize the business growth, thereby delivering value. Focus on architectural design and development services is the prime strength in most of the object-oriented development paradigms.

Significantly, Unistal encourages synergy between system analysts and project consultants so that proactive decisions in designing the software are taken to incorporate customer’s requirements. Software projects for ‘Feasibility study of city gas distribution network, web-based pipeline management software, ERP-office automation, construction management application and products, have been successfully implemented for a wide spectrum of esteemed customers.

Furthermore, Unistal also offers geospatial data and engineering application software solutions to clients worldwide. Unistal’s unique differentiator is its strength to offer a combination of engineering and consultancy implemented on open source geospatial data and IT services as a comprehensive solution to clients. Unistal’s geospatial platform and open-source vendor-independent approach inculcate the best-of-breed technologies from open source to develop successful client solutions.