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Locate Laptop Enterprise Security

Locate Laptop Enterprise Security

Locate Laptop Enterprise Security is a perfect solution for remotely managing the laptop security in a close knitted network. It provides remote deployment feature in networked laptops. Locate Laptop Enterprise Security lets you to keep a track of your laptop at all times, and will help you to find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. With Locate Laptop, you can monitor the location of your laptop and get notified of all the movements associated with the registered laptop. If your laptop ever gets lost/stolen, sign-in to your www.locatelaptop.com account from any computer and you will be able to track the location of the laptop. The Software works in stealth mode. It encrypts your private and important data after the theft report is filed and makes you feel secured. It allows users to view their laptop location anywhere and at any time through web based reporting feature. Through this facility user can modify the applied setting easily. It offers to capture thief’s image after submitting the theft report.

Laptop Tracking module comes with data encryption facility. The component has default/customizable settings to encrypt crucial data in case of thefts or misplacement. This facility encrypts data if the laptop is not connected to Internet for some specific days. Wonderful data leakage prevention! Laptop tracking module briefs you about the location, IP address and Internet Service Provider along with date and time. Also, you can file online laptop theft report so that your machine is tracked as soon as possible.

Why use Locate Laptop Enterprise Security Software

This Software helps you to locate your laptop in case of theft. Locate Laptop is the best and only possible method to locate a stolen laptop. The Software works in stealth mode. It provides data safety by locating your laptop. As we are very sure of the results, we also provide the Money-back Guarantee.


  • Proactive protection against data theft
  • Provides current location along with IP address and Service Provider.
  • Customize reporting on Laptop Location as per your choice.
  • Centrally managed port access control and user control for workstations and servers
  • Identification of non-compliant systems
  • Backup settings, network structure and license to restore for later use.
  • Generates a database at first start up and for sorting activity report of the server and client machine under protection.
  • Auto enumeration of the entire network, showing the systems available.
  • Maintains remote client’s user name, password and other details in credential manager.
  • Remotely deploy and uninstall Locate Laptop product on clients.
  • Remote deployment from IP based range.
  • Deployment on multiple clients can be done simultaneously.
  • Deployment by Package if Client is not accessible from Server.
  • View daily report globally from anywhere on your mail id.
  • Capture image of the thief silently.
  • Secure webpage for every user to monitor the laptop/ person's location.
  • Remotely launch the data encryption once the theft is reported.
  • Backup and Restore option for policies (settings).
  • Works in stealth mode.
  • Uninstalling of Locate Laptop product on clients through remote access.