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Payroll Management

PAYROLL MANAGEMENT – To Ease your Burden

Ease your burden with HRM Mitra. The best module for keeping track of employee life-cycle activities, simplifying the tedious work of HR, and getting efficient results with zero effort. HRMMitra ensures that the right amount gets paid to the right employee.

A. Features:

  • Automatic calculation of salary based on your leaves and working days
  • Income tax and TDS configuration.
  • Bonus,Arrear/CCA, incentive configuration with payroll.
  • Target based salary configuration with payroll.
  • Quick and Easy payroll reconciliation.
  • Hassle-free generation of pay slips.
  • In-built accounting feature.
  • Integration with time-attendance devices.
  • Minimal Manual Intervention.

B. Benefits

  • Error-free calculations .
  • Anytime, anywhere access with complete security.
  • Happy Employees as they get a clear note of the salary.
  • Ensured accuracy concerning employees paychecks.
  • Saves more time than manual payroll.
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance with payroll taxes.