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Attendance And Leave Management

Attendance and Leave Management – With a Single Click

It’s high time to bid goodbye to the old and tedious way of managing the attendance and leaves and adjust yourself in the digital landscape. HRM Mitra lets your employees and managers tackle attendance and leave requests fuss-free. Also, the employees can keep a note of leaves taken and pending leaves.

A. Features:

  • Easy Attendance Capture with Geo and Location Tagging .
  • Attendance can be manage through Mobile App,Biometric,Web ,Excel/CSV Sheet.
  • Work from home attendance configuration with payroll.
  • Flexible Shift Management for the employees concerning their timing.
  • Comprehensive Policy Configuration .
  • Hassle-free Leave Management .
  • Easy Consideration for every employee’ leave request .

B. Benefits

  • Easy understanding of the employee’s nature concerning leaves.
  • Improved Time and Attendance accuracy.
  • Proper alignment of attendance practices with company policy.
  • Easy access to employee time-off trends.
  • Improved morale of employees.