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Company Management

COMPANY MANAGEMENT – To Manage your company like a Pro

Company Management allows you to easily set up the entire policies, procedures, and structure of the company.  It is a solid base for your organization and a beautiful shelter under which all the information of your company is kept safe.

A. Features:

  • Complete organizational structure and policies can be easily set.
  • Create single or multiple companies.
  • The branch, location, Department,Designation, Levels,Office Shift, Salary structure, leave structure, Attendance rules,Company holiday and salary rules can be set fuss-free.
  • The official documents along with their proper details can be kept in a safe folder.
  • The structural hierarchy level can be easily viewed.

B. Benefits

  • Base creation for holding related Information which is required in each process of different modules.
  • Hassle-free management of the company
  • Easy to track, monitor, organize, and manage your team.
  • Time and Cost-saver.
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