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Data Security & Data Recovery

Data Security & Data Recovery

  • 51 Products in Data Recovery & Security domain
  • Among the best data recovery software around the world
  • With more than12 Million licensed users
  • World’s only antivirus with Data Recovery
  • Comes with Advanced Cloud Protection Technology
  • Effective Employee Monitoring software
  • Activity Monitoring for laptops
  • Data Loss Prevention Software
  • Data Leakage Prevention Software
  • Asset Tagging, Tracking & Early Warning Software
  • File Eraser Software
  • More than 150K fully satisfied recovery cases

At Unistal we have a wide range of products as per the need of individuals and enterprises in cyber security and data recovery domain. We not only provide Antivirus solution to our customers but bundle it with other unique and essential software that everyone must have. With over 50 products  in Data Security, Data Recovery and Data Care domain we are still striving hard on innovation to better the user satisfaction and experience. Unistal has the solution which is simple to use and quick in performance for any user. Our software not only gives us an edge over the competition but make us stand above the competition on all parameters.

Protegent-Data Security/Antivirus

Unistal is a name synonymous to data security. Unistal’s brand Protegent is most advanced & fastest antivirus. Protegent is deciphered from French word ‘Protegee’, which means ‘To Protect’. As the name suggests Protegent products have been designed to provide protection to your business, data and computer/Laptop.  It is world’s only antivirus with inbuilt data recovery software. It is available in three variants Protegent antivirus, Total Security and Complete Security.

For Home Users

For SMEs

Quick Recovery-Data Recovery Products

Unistal provides Quick Recovery data recovery products which retrieves missing, deleted and formatted files to make data recovery a layman’s job. These data recovery applications and data recovery products are authentic and developed with cutting-edge features that can efficiently recover and restore data. Some of our marquee products include, Windows data recovery software, Deleted file recovery software, Mac data recovery software, Email recovery software, MS office recovery software, Server recovery software etc.

Desktop Data Recovery

Unistal provides desktop data recovery products that allow users to recover and restore data from any operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Linux REISRFS. VMware database files can also be recovered by using VMware data recovery software. Our products for desktop data recovery are,

Server Data Recovery

Unistal provides server data recovery software which allows users to recover server data from various servers like VMware, Novell, Novel NSS, Raid 0, Raid 5 and Solaris. Our products for server data recovery are,

Email Recovery                                                                                  

Apart from data, emails are also very essentials for any organization or individual. Emails contain confidential data which might get deleted/corrupted. Unistal’s Quick Recovery products have email recovery software to recover emails from Outlook express, MS Outlook, Incredimail, Lotus Notes and MS Exchange. Our products for email recovery are,

Email Conversion

Email clients are mostly used by the users because of its smooth functionality of working. At times this authenticity and freedom of communication is affected by several PC threats and an email is lost or become inaccessible. Unistal has range of email conversion products.

Database Data Recovery

The database is the sole information medium that contains almost every data, which if lost, could cause big losses. Unistal’s Quick Recovery products have database data recovery software for Ms Access, Oracle, DBF and SQL.

File Recovery/Repair

There might be a case that the files which are on your desktop get deleted or corrupted. Unistal Quick Recovery products have file recovery/repair software for recovering Word files, Access files, MS Excel files, PowerPoint, MS Backup, Zip Files and PDF files.

Password Recovery

Passwords/Credentials are the most crucial and confidential information for organizations and individuals. Sometimes passwords get forgotten or lost which can result in a severe loss for any organization/individuals. Unistal’s Password Recovery products are,

Other Media Data Recovery

Data on a computer system includes audio, video & image files which are not just data but memories that no one wants to lose. Unistal provides digital media recovery software to recover audios, videos, and images. Unistal also provides data recovery software to recover data from pen drive and CD/DVD.

Data Care Products

Data is the most vital aspect, be it for individual or businesses. There are various factors involved due to which precious data is lost, such as theft, corruption, technical faults and so on. Henceforth, Unistal developed some of the most advanced and adroit solutions for data care, which manages all the areas of data loss and successfully prevents any sort of data mismanagement.

Data Recovery Services

We are leader when it comes to data recovery. Our experts analyze – process & provide 100% satisfactory solution to our customers whenever they come to us with their corrupt machine. 150K is not the small number of fully satisfied cases that belonged to us. Simply we are the leader in this segment..!! Our services are,


Want to be a specialist in Data Recovery? Join hands with the industry leader and make yourself stand out from the competition, we not only teach the ‘Know – How’ but also make sure that you will get the hands-on training and work on real cases, under our expert’s supervision. We provide,