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Internet Explorer Stored Password Recovery Software

Big Question - How to recover passwords stored in Internet explorer?

Internet Explorer Stored Password Recovery Software – Why you need this Software?

Nowadays all of us have many different user accounts whether it is email, messengers, social media, etc.

Many of us choose to simply reuse a common password again and again which although is easy to remember, makes all your accounts easily compromised. The other option is to use different passwords for every online account, making it very difficult to remember each password every time.

When creating a new account, we go for easy password options which we can remember but many websites ask for specific password requirements like using capital letters, different characters, minimum compulsory word limit, numbers, etc. Such passwords although unique are difficult to remember.

Interestingly, a survey carried out in February 2019 stated that people had 70-80 passwords to remember. This means that the average user has about 25% more passwords compared to the earlier year.

The survey was carried out back in February 2020 was before the global lockdown.

Many times we tend to forget our passwords and Login Ids.

So people use auto remember option on their web browsers to recall their user ids and passwords for accessing different online accounts seamlessly. But what happens when you lose your stored passwords due to corrupt software or due to a virus/malware attack.

Such a situation could wreak havoc in your life.

Big QuestionHow to recover passwords stored in Internet explorer?

If you have not written down your passwords manually then the other best thing is to use a tool like Internet Explorer Password Recovery.

Awesome AnswerQuick Recovery; Internet Explorer Stored Password Recovery Software

Internet Explorer Stored Password Recovery Software is developed by Unistal systems private limited. It is made with latest technique to rescue all your passwords. IE Password recovery program accepts all the cached information such as Auto-Complete, web forms, logins, pre-filled forms, and Passwords.

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Features of Internet Explorer Stored Password Recovery Software

  • Quick Recovery Internet Explorer Password software is very easy and simple to use.
  • Can restore password hidden behind the asterisks.
  • Easily retrieves Auto-Complete passwords and data.
  • Recovers all type of Internet Explorer saved password list and saves it to a user specified location.
  • Password recovery for Internet Explorer browser versions- 6/7/8/10/11
  • Recovers passwords of email accounts (like Yahoo, Gmail and Rediff, etc)
  • Allows easy exporting of Internet Explorer passwords.
  • Can export all retrieved information in a formatted “text file” and “CSV file”. Making it easier for the user to view.

Benefits of Internet Explorer Stored Password Recovery Software:

  • Easily recover lost password of different email accounts, saving time and headache.
  • A simple way to recover passwords in case you forgot it.
  • Exports IE passwords, which can be viewed in an easily readable format.
  • This tool is based on unique Guided File Excavation Technology making it highly effective and efficient.


Users nowadays have various online user accounts, so they have to remember a large number of passwords and login ids. Although a person tries his/her best to remember their respective passwords but it is very common to forget passwords now and then.

A tool like Quick Recovery Internet Explorer Password can reduce your stress by retrieving your forgotten passwords and login ids. Thus, making your life easier.

Download Internet Explorer Stored Password Recovery Software from here

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