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How Employee Monitoring Software can help Improve Employee Engagement in 2023

When you enter your office in the morning, do you enjoy seeing happy faces?

Or maybe you don’t care about a happy working environment, just as long as you get your work done on


If you are the former, you are on a growth path and employee satisfaction is among your main objectives. But, if you are the latter one, boss, you need a clear conscience.

Don’t take employee satisfaction lightly. An organization’s heart and soul are its employees. Some work to feed their needs while others work to feed their dreams. But everyone loves recognition and respect. On average, an employee spends 90k hours of their life at work, or a third of their life. This makes satisfaction on the employee’s part a crucial element to ensure long-term success.

Because as the saying implies, “Give happiness and receive happiness!”

In a survey conducted by happiness.me in 2022, 59% of the Indian workforce are not happy with their work or workplace.

This is big!

It is crucial for business success to have a highly engaged workforce that results in better productivity, higher employee retention rates, and better customer service. 

It is imperative for employees to be satisfied and for HR managers to ensure their job satisfaction and retention. HR must keep their teams engaged and motivated.

The following are some of the ways Employee Engagement can be improved in 2023 using the

Employee Monitoring Software.

1. Publicly Recognize Employee Successes: Acknowledging and rewarding employees for their dedication to work and success can make a long way in boosting employee morale and engagement. Celebrating successes is an effective way to show appreciation and motivate them to strive for higher goals.

For instance, recognizing an employee of the month or rewarding employees for achieving ambitious goals can both be excellent ways to recognize successes and boost employee morale.

And you can easily manage and check for deserving employees with Employee Monitoring Software. It is an easy-to-use software that keeps track of employees’ work and its completion time. Employers can also view the entire month’s analytical report at once using HRM Mitra’s Report & Analytics tool.

2. Build a Company Culture: Fostering a strong company culture is essential for successful businesses. It promotes collaboration, increases productivity, and attracts and retains talented employees. It should be an ongoing process, with regular feedback and adjustments as needed.

For example, encouraging employees to participate in team-building activities or hosting monthly social events can help create a positive sense of camaraderie and establish a strong company culture.

With HRM Mitra Employee Monitoring Software, HR can create and manage these activities efficiently through Events and Meetings. It allows you to manage social events, and measure their effectiveness.

3. Create Time for Fun Activities: Fun activities can help break the monotony of the day and boost morale. Take short breaks to go for a walk, have a snack, or assign a day for fun activities. Encourage team members to connect and engage with each other by organizing virtual events or activities. This will foster a sense of companionship and connection by creating a more positive work environment. Schedule regular check-ins with team members to ensure everyone is on track and provide support where needed.

For instance, HR can set aside one day a week as “Fun Fridays” to give team members a break from the grind and an opportunity to bond with their colleagues. HRM Mitra’s Events & Meeting Tool is an excellent way to create and manage fun at the office.

4. Offer Perks: Perks can be an excellent way to show your employees that they are valued and appreciated. Consider offering flexible work hours, regular team activities, or employee discounts. Additionally, you could provide wellness programs such as mental health support or fitness classes. You could also offer additional vacation days or work-from-home policies. Other perks could include free snacks, childcare support, and company outings.

For instance, many companies now provide paid days off for employees to volunteer in their communities.

5. Welcome Employee Feedback: In a survey conducted by Resetting Normal 2021, 74% of employees said their company should focus on mental health at the workplace. There are various ways to show support, such as offering flexible working hours, providing mental health resources, and allowing employees to take regular breaks. It is a necessity to create a culture of understanding and respect for employees’ mental health needs. Employers should also encourage open communication about mental health so that employees can feel comfortable talking about their needs. It is imperative to provide support and resources for employees who struggle with mental health. Lastly, employers should strive to create a safe and supportive environment for employees.

For example, employers should create a confidential complaint procedure for employees who feel they have been discriminated against based on their mental health. This is so that they feel comfortable coming forward and discussing their needs.

HRM Mitra is available to employees as well. Complaints and grievances can be logged. It makes it easier for HR managers to look into problems and find solutions.

To Sum Up

Give your employees the work environment they deserve to work in. With HRM Mitra Employee Monitoring Software, HR’s can surely improve their employees’ engagement at every level.

Get in touch with our team to explore the benefits and how to manage your employee’s well-being, and ultimately lead to a happier and more satisfied employee at the end of the day!


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