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5 Types of Cyber Security You Must be Aware of

In the digital age, cyber security is crucial. Today, most of the time is spent on digital media as everything, right from shopping online to paying bills is handled digitally. Today, it has become more important than ever to protect your identity and your online business in the digital world. So, how do you know your business or sensitive information is safe and secured? This is where cyber security kicks in. In this article learn more about types of cyber security which is essential to know about any organization or person!

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Cyber Security is the process of implementing different security measures to protect your network, system, cloud infrastructure, and sensitive data from ever-increasing cyber threats. Cyberattacks aim at stealing your personal information such as credit card information, password, Aadhar card number, or other sensitive data. It includes your personal and business devices that are connected to the internet.

Cybercrime is a crime committed with the help of networks and computers. It includes phishing, Ransomware attacks, denial of service attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and password attacks. Cybercriminals always focus on destroying things that are working well.

Without cyber security, your business is at high risk of facing cyberattacks.

Below are 5 different types of cyber security that you must be aware of. Have a look as it will help you build a solid foundation to experience a robust security system.

  1. Application Security

Application security focuses on keeping the software and devices free from any kind of threats. It refers to the safety precautions used at the application level to prevent data loss within an application. Application security consists of security concerns framed during the process of app design and development., as well as protecting applications once they are deployed.

You all know that today’s applications are frequently available over the cloud and multiple networks, which makes them more vulnerable to ongoing cyber threats. The faster and the early detection of the flaws in the application, the safer your company will be. Because everyone makes mistakes, so the best trick is to identify any flaws as early as possible.  

  • Network Security

Network security is the process of shielding the data that shields the data that gets exchanged or is revolved around an organizational network. Henceforth, it safeguards the company’s data from deceitful employees who are not authorized to access sensitive information. As compared to cyber security, network security provides limited protection and focuses on defending the data that’s in transit only.

Network security is important for both home networks and the business world. Many homes with high-speed internet connections and wireless routers can easily be exploited by hackers if not protected properly.

  • Cloud Security

Understand cloud security as a different way of storing and assessing data over the internet.

When people think of the cloud, the natural and the most obvious reaction is they look up and start starting the sky! Now, what exactly is the cloud? You’ve probably used it more than you think. Ever stored your photos on Google Photos or iCloud? Then, you’ve used cloud storage. Ever saved the document in Google docs, ever watched a movie or a series on Netflix? These are all cloud services that you use in your daily life but often fail to recognize!

Cloud Security is the protection of pertinent data stored on various cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Google Photos, iCloud, etc. As companies and individuals continue to migrate to the cloud, understanding the importance of cloud security is of great relevance as keeping your data safe has become the need of the hour.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Internet of Things (IoT) Security is the practice that keeps your IoT systems safe and secured. It is the act of securing internet devices and networks they’re connected to from ongoing threats and data breaches by protecting, identifying, and monitoring all the risks. IoT security helps you fix all the vulnerabilities from a range of devices that can pose a serious threat to your business.

IoT is a buzzword because every device you are using is connected to the internet in some way or the other, however, anything that’s connected to the internet can be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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Without robust security, any connected IoT device is prone to get breached, compromised, and controlled by a malicious actor whose only purpose is to steal your sensitive data and slow down the performance of your system.

  • Operational Security

Operational security includes processes and decisions for handling and protecting data assets. It is a process that’s especially for risk management. The process is being used by businesses to determine how to protect sensitive information from being exploited by third parties. Implementing an effective operational security program prevents the unintentional exposure of sensitive information concerning your organization’s, intentions, or capabilities.

The purpose of operational security is to identify and minimize the access of sensitive information that could be used by third parties for malicious purposes. Robust security is not only about hardware and software but having a detailed picture of how these pieces combine and where the gap and vulnerability lie.


Mounting a good security system requires you to have a great understanding of the same. This article contains the types of cyber security that you must know. Depending on the nature of the business, cyber security has become the need of the hour. It’s an investment worth spending for. So, invest now and stay safe and secured.

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