PCMS - Unistal


Project & Construction Management Solution for Hydrocarbon / Slurry/ Water Transmission Pipelines

From Pre-Engineering to Commissioning

PCMS is a Web based easy-to-use solution that integrates planning, GIS, construction, documentation, and materials into one program best-practices and business rules defined. One-click to know what, when and where of each Pipe and Fitting.

The system is designed to aggregate digital information from pre-engineering, engineering and construction on a single platform. Using a proven dynamic query makes accessibility and real time reporting much faster than a traditional spreadsheet. PCMS data model consists of standardized formats of field data collection for each stake-holder. Its flexible reports provide you with a number of ways to analyze construction progress linked with work procedures and material certificates.

PCMS data-model forms the base data for Pipeline Asset, Integrity and Risk management systems.

PCMS Modules

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Pipe Track

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Base-map & Engineering

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Pipe & Material Tracking

Pipe and Material Tracking:  Track Pipes and Fittings from PO, dispatch, Warehouse, Project Store, Issued for Construction and Consumed.
Material Reconciliation: Reconcile Design BOM/BOQ with Actual utilized. Reconcile FIM Issued vs Consumed.


  • Monitor Material Issued and Used in real time.
  • Reconciliation statement on the fly.

Tracking from PO, Manufacturer, Vendors, Suppliers, Yards, Construction Sites.End to End Traceability of materials.
Material Reconciliation between various check points.Pipe reconciliation based on type, Used, Unused, Cut Pipes with location etc.Linked documents like Data Sheets, DO, MTC, IRN, MRIR.

Base Map & Engineering

Pipeline Web GIS

Publish route survey features like TP/IP, centerline, topography, administrative boundaries, transportation features like roads, streets, POI’s like electric poles, manholes, trees etc.
Switch between street map, satellite imagery, base map.


Forms for entering / uploading engineering data like Ground elevation, Pipeline Spec data, Design factor, Crossing entry and exit, casing design, PDI/Class, product specs, geodetic data, wall thickness, land-use, Alignment (AFC) etc.

View linear referenced parameters of Detailed engineering on GIS platform.

Construction Management

Web Based Construction activity aggregation with real time and GIS based system.
Configure construction activities with their scope and schedules.
All activity forms on Field mobility App for easy logging.
Fully paperless system with Auto PDF Inspection report generation.
Mobile based QC Approval

  1. Pipe-Book Generation
  2. Daily Progress Report Generation
  3. Auto ITR Generation
  4. Welder Performance
  5. NDT Statistics
  6. Crossing Report
  7. Station Piping
  8. Monitoring Reports
  9. Crew Management

  1. Hindrance Reports
  2. EHS Reports
  3. MQR Report
  4. MIS Report
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Station Piping
Field logging of Station piping with Fabrication joints, line loop identification.
Generation of Line history sheet.
Generation of Piping Progress Report.
Mobility based logging of Station works systems like civil, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical.

Pre-configurable activities with scope and schedule.


  • Real time monitoring of pipeline laying.
  • Geo-Referenced features and pipeline
  • Auto Generation of Inspection reports
  • Quick preparation of as-builts
  • Helps in quick inspection and approvals
  • Simple field data capture using Mobile app in offline mode.

Document Management

All project related documents, whether, progress reports, test reports or specification and procedures are linked to the relevant reports. These are also available in a central document online database called ‘Documentation’. Each document is accompanied with unique meta tags that can make a specific search easier later. The following are covered under this section.

  • Pipe information (Manufacturing history, inspection documents, test certificates of pipes and plates).
  • Pipe reconciliation statements
  • Material acceptance (Joint coating material manufacturers test certificates).
  • Manufacturers test certificates and site qualification test reports like filler material, electrode, epoxy etc.
  • Equipment data sheets and test certificates.
  • Procedure reports. Approved procedures, job procedures, welding procedures specification and qualification, QAP’s and ITP’s for all pipeline activities including terminals, SV stations, IP stations etc. All construction activity reports including crossings.

The EDMS module is searchable using metadata like category, sub category, type of document, vendor, material, remarks and document number.

Cadastral Documentation

Well indexed hierarchical based land-owner records management system for cataloguing and tracking maps and documents.
Simple explorer like interface to browse under district, tehsil/taluka to Village.

  • Maps: Village Map, Cadastral Map downloadable
  • View and download 3(1) 6(1) 8(1)  Notifications and Intimations.
  • View and download Land / Crop/ Tree awards
  • Linked Panchanamas, payment receipts and NOC.

PCMS – Feature List