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OST To PST Converter Software

Quick Recovery Email Conversion Products

Unistal’s Quick Recovery email conversion products resolve the problems of every email client. Email clients are mostly used by the users because of its smooth functionality of working. At times this authenticity and freedom of communication are affected by several PC threats and an email is lost or remains inaccessible. The grounded errors are: synchronization fault with the server, accidental deletion of an email, virus intrusion, bad sectors, improper shutdown, sudden power failures, logical errors, and so on. Thereon, after facing these errors an email is subjected towards loss. There should be recovery software for it. Sometimes you decide to move from one email client to others because of some official or personal reasons then you feel the need to transfer your old mail from one client to the new one. Indeed, an email is a vital attribute; therefore, it becomes significant to grab the emails back in an accessible way. But how?

Unistal provides Quick Recovery solution for email conversion. The prime therapy of email conversion products is to follow a conversion task, wherein the entire mailbox is converted to the required format to make it usable again.

OST to PST Email Conversion Software

Unistal’s Quick Recovery email conversion products provide OST to PST Email conversion software(OST to PST Converter Software). This is a third party application, which performs the function of converting inaccessible OST emails into the format of PST of MS Outlook. Errors like virus attack, accidental deletions, power faults, and other reasons make an OST email inaccessible. Thereon, this astounds and the rich mechanism is very much required as it can heal up the situation by rescuing all the email files from corruption. OST to PST converter software requires minimal steps to execute on the PC.

Why Unistal OST to PST Email Converter Software?

  • Converts OST files to PST files
  • This email conversion works well in cases:
  • OST files are virus infected
  • Exchange Server is down
  • The Server crashes
  • Exchange file is not able to synchronize with the Exchange Server
  • Used when the Server is under up- gradation, the Database gets corrupted or in case of accidental /inaccessible User Mailboxes
  • Software runs on windows platform
  • Cost-effective and easy to use software
  • Based on unique Guided File Excavation Technology
  • Free demo version also available

System Requirements

Operating System :  Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003

MS Outlook : 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000

Processor : 800 MHz processor or higher

RAM : 512 MB for (Windows XP & Windows Server 2003)

1GB for Windows Vista/Server 2008/7)

Hard Disk : 50 MB available hard disk space

MS Exchange Versions Supported : MS Exchange Server 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000


  • Converts OST to PST when MS Exchange Server goes down
  • Effectively converts: email, notes, messages, contacts, tasks, draft, journals, and appointments, etc.
  • Converts emails from encrypted OST file
  • Deleted emails are restored after conversion
  • Restore email details: the sender’s name, receiver’s name, subject, flag, date and time
  • Converts Password Protected Offline Storage file
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 98, 97& MS Exchange Server 2013/2010/2007/2003/2000/5.5/5.0
  • The converter utility makes individual folders for all emails
  • Email conversion with their original format ie; Text, RTF, HTML
  • Cost-effective and risk-free

Additionally, demo software of OST to PST email conversion is also provided, which performs the same function. It can be used only by the user to be ensured of the software performance. The OST to PST converter software performs the same steps and transformation of emails but bars further step of restoration, which can only be availed through complete software.


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What is OST to PST Converter Software?

The bulky OST (offline storage table) file uses a lot of space in your computer and on top of that if you are unable to open them or use them is another major problem. If you are looking for some information about good OST to PST converter software then you are at the right place. There are many questions related to the OST files and their conversion into PST or any other file format and we try to answer most of these here.

The modern-day OST to PST file converter software is developed by using an advanced algorithm to recover the OST file and migrate it into the PST file format. The data in your OST files which include inbox, sent items, outbox, deleted items, contacts, calendars, drafts, notes, journals, appointments etc, can be easily exported into the PST file using this software. There are many reasons which lead to the failure of the OST file that makes the user unable to access the mail data. But let’s first learn about the OST file.

What is the OST File?

The offline storage table is commonly known as OST files. There are many file types on which we can save our different types of documents. OST files are among one of them which is very widely used in computers with Windows Operating System. In simple terms, it is just the cache of your email documents which is stored offline. This offline cache is saved with the extension of .ost and known as the OST file.

Microsoft Outlook which uses ‘cached exchange mode’ allows users to keep and maintain a copy of all the content of mailbox in .ost file extension. This OST file keeps the entire components of mail like emails, tasks, calendar entries, contact books, etc. When you use Microsoft Outlook it keeps a copy of all your files, folders and emails. While being connected to the server the files and emails always stay up-to-date but in the case when there is no server then the changes are always done to the OST and which is replicated later on. Users can easily access this data offline even when the exchange server is down with the OST file.

How to Create OST or PST Files?

When you use Microsoft Outlook, it provides two options to the users to store the mailbox data one of them is PST and the other one is OST. They both go with their well-known extensions as .pst for the PST files and .ost for the OST files. As the OST files are the actual clone of the data which is stored in the exchange server mailbox, they can be easily formed on Microsoft Outbox. When this Microsoft Outlook account is configured with IMAP on the versions which are above Outlook 2013 then it will give the user an option for forming OST file and when the webmail account is configured with POP3, then the user gets the option to form the PST file.

Why Should You Use OST to PST Converter Software?

If you are stuck with a stack of OST files and can’t access the content, then it is best to go to the internet and look out for OST to PST converter software. The OST to PST software provides the user the feature to migrate all the data present in the folders along with the attachments in the emails from OST to PST file format. The OST to PST converter software provides the user the facility to transfer this OST file data from Microsoft Outlook into many different file formats such as EML, HTML, MHTML, RTF, PST and MSG. The OST to PST converter software is easily available and this conversion into any format can be done with some simple steps and without requiring any technical assistance. The OST to PST converter software can be easily run and be operated on all the latest and old versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc. The OST to PST converter software supports all the old and latest version of both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Outlook such as Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2000, Outlook 98 and Outlook 97 & MS Exchange Server 2013/2010/2007/2003/2000/5.5/5.0.

In which Situations OST Files gets Inaccessible and User Need OST To PST Converter Software?

There are many scenarios in which the OST files in the computer system can go inaccessible and cause a lot of trouble for the users to recover it successfully. Some of the common reasons are,

Synchronization Issue: There can be an event where there a Synchronization Issue occurs between the Exchange server and Microsoft Outlook OST file. In this case, the OST file goes in the inaccessible state and needs OST to PST converter to recover the content of the OST file.

OST file Corrupt: Due to multiple reasons the OST file gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible such as improper termination of Microsoft Outlook profile, power failure and so on. The best way to recover the corrupted OST file is to use the best OST to PST converter software.

Virus Intrusion: Virus is the most common threat which damages the OST file in the user’s computer system. The virus intrusion makes the OST file inaccessible and sometimes damages it completely. In this case, the user must remove the virus first from the system using good antivirus solution (prefer Protegent antivirus for this as this is the best antivirus software and world’s only antivirus which comes with inbuilt data recovery software.) and then use OST to PST converter software to recover the inaccessible file.

Bad Sector on Hard Drive: Many users face the problem of having bad sectors on the hard drive and if your OST file is on this bad sector of hard drive then it becomes inaccessible automatically. To recover this OST file from the bad sectors of hard drive, users can use OST to PST converter software and get the back the files.

Unnecessary Add-ons: We don’t always pay attention to what add-ons we are adding to our existing applications and system which sometimes cause the OST files inaccessible. To regain access to OST files, users can use good OST to PST converter software.

Failure of Exchange Server: Sometimes the failure of the exchange server to recognise the OST file causes it to become inaccessible. Users can use OST to PST converter software to recover these OST files easily.

Modifying Profile: In some cases, where the user tries to modify the profile in Microsoft Outlook it resulted in orphaning the OST files. In this case, the orphaned OST file can be easily recovered by using OST to PST converter software.

Change in MAPI Details: When a user attempts to make certain changes in MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface), it can cause the OST files to go orphaned. To get back the orphaned OST files due to changes in MAPI, users can use OST to PST converter software and get the access back to these files.

Updating Default OST File Location: Another reason for OST files to get inaccessible is the changing or updating the default OST file location. Users can get back their important OST files with the help of good OST to PST converter software.

Technical Issues: There can be various technical issues that lead to the OST files getting orphaned or inaccessible. These technical glitches could occur in the form of failure at the server-side or can be caused due to some software errors. Users are advised to use OST to PST converter software to regain access to these inaccessible OST files.

What are the common kinds Of OST File Errors users may notice?

When the OST files get inaccessible there are a certain set of messages the user receives while trying to access these files. These messages depend on the type of problem due to which the OST files become inaccessible. Some of the common file error messages are, ‘OST file is in use by another application or user’, ‘The set of folders cannot be opened. the file is not an outlook data file (.ost)’, ‘Default outlook profile.ost is in use and cannot be accessed’, ‘OST file Internal error (error code=00000003)’, ‘Encounter a large numbers of conflict items’ and ‘Outlook 2010 ost file in use and cannot be accessed’.

To recover OST files after receiving these messages on the computer system, users can use good OST to PST converter software and get back their files and can further convert the OST files in any format of their choice.

What users should look in OST to PST Converter Software?

One of the most common things which a user should look for in OST to PST converter software is user-friendliness. The OST to PST converter software should be easy to use and should not require any technical assistance of any kind. The OST to PST conversion software should include some simple steps to recover files and compatible to be used by even layman. Some other features that good OST to PST converter software must have been,

Search feature: Users should always look for the OST to PST converter software which provides a search feature to use and identify the required OST files. Users can search and select the files which they want to convert with the OST to PST converter software and leave the others.

Repairing Feature: Due to some reasons if the OST file gets corrupted then the OST to PST converter software must repair the corrupted OST files. After repairing the file, the user can further convert the file into any format of his/her choice using OST to PST converter software.

Export of Contacts & Calendar: Contacts and Calendar are important parts of the mailbox and good OST to PST converter software must ensure that these must be exported with the other email data.

Scanning Feature: A quick scan feature in OST to PST converter software ensures scanning and identifying the OST files in their original states in the computer system. These files can be damaged, corrupted or in their proper format.

Preview Feature: Good OST to PST converter software ensures that the user gets the preview before the batch migration of OST files. This helps the user to separate and identify the required and non-required files from the batch.

Offer to Save the File in Different Formats: It is not always necessary that the user requires the files in only PST format, so the OST to PST converter software must give users the option to save the OST file in different formats such as PDF, EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, HTML and MHTML.

Windows OS Support: There is OST to PST conversion software which supports only the latest version of the Windows operating system but good OST to PST converter software must support all the latest as well as old Windows Operating Systems to suit all the users.

Extraction of Attachments: OST to PST converter software must give options to the users to extract attachments from the multiple OST files as well as from a particular OST file as per the requirement without any hassle.

Extraction of Email Addresses: OST to PST converter software should easily extract the email addresses included in From, To, CC and BCC.

Convert Contacts in CSV and MSG Format: Contacts are an important part of the mailbox and users should get the option of converting the contacts in OST files in the required format. The OST to PST converter software must give users the option to convert the contacts in CSV or MSG format depending on the user’s requirement.

Support for Password Protected OST Files: Microsoft Outlook data is mostly password protected and OST to PST converter software must support password protected OST files also. The users should not face any issues even in case of password protected files for smooth conversion into PST file.

Excluding Empty Folders: There are always many unwanted folders in the computer systems which can also pop-up in search results. The OST to PST converter software must exclude all these empty and unwanted folders and display only relevant folders with the mailbox data. This helps the user to perform the conversion of only required data in a safe and quick manner.

Folder Hierarchy:  OST to PST converter software must maintain the original hierarchy of the folders and files. Usually while extracting the file the folder hierarchy gets damaged and this can cause the problem to the user in finding the required content.

Which is the best OST to PST Converter Software?

Unistal’s OST to PST converter software uses the most advanced algorithm to extract all the contents of the OST file and convert it in hassle-free manner into PST or any other required file format. With Unistal’s OST to PST converter software, many users around the globe have successfully converted their OST files into PST files.