Interview of Mr. Alok Gupta in Digital Terminal - Unistal

Interview of Mr. Alok Gupta in Digital Terminal

Interview of Mr. Alok Gupta in Digital Terminal

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  • On June 14, 2019
Unistal Has Always Believed in ‘Channel First’ Approach

Started in 1994, Unistal had a very challenging phase during its initial days of starting the business. Unistal did all the possible tasks to sustain and worked according to the changing landscape of the ICT industry. Alok Gupta has seen many challenges at the time of starting Unistal and fought with all to give his company a better future. Today Unistal is a 25 years old leading IT company with a team of more than 200 members and 5000 channel partners across India.

Conclusion of Challenging Days

Unistal had a very humble start in 1994 and was started as a startup than with just 2 employees in a 30 sqft rooftop cabin.

 “It’s been 25 years and we have grown to more than 200 member’s strong team with over 20,000 sqft office space. Like any other company, we have faced many challenges and tackled them successfully” said Alok Gupta, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. “At present, we have 51 products in our data security product folio with more than 5 million licensed users and more than 5000 channel partners in India. We are also into the Oil & Gas domain where our company has completed more than 75 projects and captured around 90% market share in India for Pipeline Construction Management Services (PCMS). The company has also mapped a network of more than 26000 KM pipelines including more than 5000 KM for City Gas Network & Assets and achieved more than 1000 months of PCMS execution experience.”

Milestones Achieved So Far

Gradually, Unistal has become one of the well-known companies in the ICT domain with a huge customer base across India and globally. Alok Gupta added “We have recently completed 25 years of serving excellence as an Indian company in the data security domain. In this journey, we have achieved many feats in India and abroad. Some of our achievements are mentioned below;

  • More than 5 million licenses in India for our products
  • Our product Data Recovery gets Prime Minister’s Office as our first client in 1994
  • 51 Products for Data Security and Data Recovery
  • More than 5000 channel partners in India
  • Catered to more than 200 thousand Data Recovery cases including for RAID servers
  • OEM tie-ups with HP and Acer
  • Retail tie-up with Dell for Dell Exclusive Stores
  • Distribution tie-ups with Supertron

Value of Traditional Partners

Traditional channel partners are an integral part of any IT business and they help any business to grow consistently. For Unistal as well, channel partners are the major reason for them to succeed in India. Alok Gupta said, “Channel partners are core to our business growth from the start and we are fully focused on expanding and building a strong channel ecosystem in India. We have always taken as ‘Channel First’ approach for our products. With our regional distributors in East, West, North and South of India, now we have a Pan India presence. In order to reward Partners contribution, we roll out numerous schemes from time to time. These various incentives and offers not only strengthen our relationship with the partners, but we also make sure that it will lead to mutual business growth and profits. We aim to add more partners from our various exciting schemes to make Unistal a successful brand name.”

On A Mission

The company has registered a successful 2018-19 FY and now they are aiming for 200 percent growth in 2020. “We have lined up many exciting plans for the year 2020, including the launch of new products and solutions. Apart from gearing up our sales, we are looking forward to expanding our presence in many untapped markets. Apart from the metros, Tier- II and Tier- III cities will be our focus. In these regions, we intend to connect with some new partners and resellers as well. We will also come up with many new schemes and offers for our existing and new partners” revealed by Alok Gupta.

“With the launch of one of our flagship products, the enterprise version of Protegent/Activity Reporter, we aim to address the challenges of data theft and data security for the enterprises. This product will cater to the needs of modern day enterprises. We are also making significant investments in digital marketing practices to reach our prospective customers directly. With new age digital practices and by leveraging the power of social media and online platforms, we are well on course to utilize these mediums and maximize growth for our company and the products. With our online sales, we want to have our presence in every nook and corner of the country,” concluded by Alok Gupta.


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