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In this era of technology and advancement, organizations have been experiencing extensive growth and success in their specializations. Since, employees are the heart and core of an organization, enhancing the maximum productivity. So it is relevant to maintain the levels of transparency for their ease and well-being.  This can be achieved by eradicating the old traditional methods of spreadsheets, pens and papers. It is high-time when businesses must think upon implementing the digitalization of HR practices through an HRMS Software.

HRMmitra is a SaaS based HRMS software solution which automates the complete life-cycle of an employee from on-boarding to exit. It benefits HR managers to execute their responsibilities effectively and efficiently with least paper work.

The main modules of HRMmitra are:-

Employee management to manage complete personal, educational
and experience details along with their expertise.


  • Manages full on-boarding process of employees
  • Manages employees access rights, Assign managers
  • Define salary structure & leave structure
  • Manage Interview and Exit process

Attendance & leave management helps in efficiently handling the attendance records of the employees along with their leaves.


  • Records Attendance via Biometric/WEB/ Mobile APP with their location
  • Automated leave application/Approval process via web/mobile app
  • Automatic reconciliation of leaves

Payroll management automatically calculates the salary of employees on confirmation of attendance from HR manager


  • Option for employee to confirm his attendance before payroll processing
  • Automated salary calculation along with tax deductions and statutory compliance like ESI & PF
  • Pay slip generation

Reports & analytics provides comprehensive reports and analytics of an individual employee, group and department.


  • Attendance report of an employee to analyze his/her absenteeism.
  • Employee Knowledge/expertise report to be used helping other departments.
  • Statutory compliance PF, ESI report.
  • Payroll report of any given month, employee or department.

Announcement, innovation, events & calendars helps in making announcements for complete organization, branch office or department. Automatic wishes or reminders can be sent on events like birthdays, marriage anniversary etc. You can also send meeting request to colleagues via calendar.


  • Employee gets automatic wishes on their special day
  • Employee can view the special dates of their colleagues
  • Meeting invites can be sent via calendar
  • Appreciation or show cause notices can be issued
  • Innovative ideas of employees can be posted directly
  • Automatic Announcement can be sent and viewed over web or mobile APP

Mobile app of HRMmitra – HRMS Software is to provide quick access to employees for their various needs.


  • Makes ease for employees to mark their Geo tagged attendance
  • Leave Application and approval can be processed from any location.
  • Handy leave balance details
  • Immediate alerts on announcements
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