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Disk Repair

Disk Repair - Bad Sector Removal Software

Disk Repair is a logical┬ábad sector removal and repair software┬áthat removes the logical bad sectors and repairs “Track 0 Bad Disks”. Bad Sectors are a major problem in Hard Disks, which are mainly logical in nature. Computer companies usually have to replace the Hard Disk. Most often, Bad Sectors spread and corrupt Track 0 of the Disk due to which it doesn’t get formatted, Operating System doesn’t get installed or copying data gives error.

Logical bad sectors are irregularities on the magnetic media formed due to extensive read write operations, sudden voltage surges, certain viruses, corruption’s in boot records etc. Disk Repair is a Hard Disk utility that repairs the logically formed Bad Sectors. Disk Repair realigns the magnetic orientation to make each byte read and write able and hence performs an easy Hard Disk space recovery. The Software is simple to use and is helpful in many instances of Disk problems.

Main Advantages

  • Makes Disk reusable.
  • Solves installation problems of Operating System.


  • Lists sectors that are physically bad and cannot be repaired.
  • Does exhaustive read-write test of each sector
  • Repairs select partition or range of sectors
  • Repairs Bad Sectors of the complete drive