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What is Email-Marketing?

Email marketing is a method of marketing in which you send an email  to your ’email subscribers’ or contacts who have signed up to your email list and have given express permission to receive email communications from you, for the purpose of information or promoting a product/service or even to take a survey.

Email marketing is one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to reach your customers. It helps you in delivering information about your products, services, new launches, promotions, schemes, campaigns etc.

Email marketing is a tried and tested tool for increasing reach, acquiring, engaging and retaining customers for your business. A well-timed email marketing approach can help in boosting your sales rapidly. With a perfect blend of technology and content, we help companies with impactful email campaigns to build deeper relationships with customers and create better prospects for sales.

Unistal’s email marketing services include:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Customer Acquisition Emails
  • Customer Retention Emails
  • Promotional Emails
  • Campaign Emails
  • Email on different niche audience

Advantages of email marketing

The benefits of email marketing include:

  • Cost effective method – the cost of email marketing is much lower than many other forms of marketing. There is no advertising fees or media space costs.
  • Consent based marketing – The e-mailer list is made up of people who have chosen to receive email communications from you. So customers who are genuinely interested in your products/ services and are more likely to engage with your product/services.
  • Easily scalable – Email marketing can be used to reach either large audiences or smaller targeted lists.
  • Easily Shareable – it’s easy for people to forward and share your email, building your business in the process. 
  • Conversions and increased sales – Promotions can be customized with click on link buttons which can follow your protocol of call-to-action immediately.
  • Easily Measurable – you can evaluate the success of a campaign by using web analytics software. You can test different content, subject lines and designs to see which is most effective for your particular campaign.
  • Benchmark – compare your results against others in your industry. Benchmarking data can help you to evaluate and prioritize different opportunities.
  • Test before you send – testing of content, calls-to-action, personalization, email copy, images or messages ensure your email content is as effective as it can be before you send it.
  • Less intrusive – Unlike telephone marketing, recipients can read your message at a later time.  Customers can also unsubscribe if they feel they no longer want to receive your email communications.
  • Environmentally friendly – Email marketing is better for the environment than marketing by postal mail because nothing is printed on paper.
  • Time saving method – through automation you can trigger emails to be sent to customers based on an action they have performed on your website.

Unistal’s customer driven approach and intuitive campaigns help you to achieve your business goals in a short span of time.  We provide simple yet powerful campaign ideas to reach the right audience. Our highly targeted email campaigns will generate substantial returns for your business along with creating visibility and brand awareness.

We help you retain your existing customers and make them feel special with routine helpful updates from your brand.

We also offer all the statistical data on open, bounce and retention rates for every email sent.  We also give suggestions and input for the perfect template design, layouts, content, landing page design, coding and help companies with list management, tracking, reporting and testing of emails.

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