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Importance of Data Security | Why Data Security is More Important than Ever!

Importance of Data Security | In the digitized world where data is the biggest asset, it’s important to keep this asset safe and secure. It is inarguably the most valuable asset and is a primary responsibility. Keeping your data secure:

  • Keeps your data away from malicious eyes
  • Enables easy access to data wherever and whenever required for conducting business operations
  • Maintains data integrity

Data Security are privacy is in the spotlight right now, because they probably should. Companies gather a lot of sensitive information from users that are critical to their business growth and goodwill. Hence, it would be apt to say that data security must be one of the top priorities.

Nowadays, the importance of data security has been extended in every field. Every person needs data security in their personal life. Just like you use smart door locks to protect your home from burglars and thieves, likewise, you need to lock the possible ports in your system so that data cannot be stolen by malicious parties.  

What is the Importance of Data Security for Businesses

So, why is data security important? What is the importance of data? What have you learned from the recent data breaches that took place in 2021 and before that? The recent breaches have shown that the fallout or data breach for any organization can be far greater legal consequences.

Data security consists of a series of protective measures put in place to ward off unauthorized access to malicious persons. Every business today, be it big or small should not overlook the significance of Data Security in an organization. Industry leaders agree that a data breach is a long-term battle that needs to be fought with due diligence and smartness.

You all might be aware that hackers are always learning, developing, and honing up their skills. With the skill set that’s constantly evolving and is on the rise, the risks for business and the threats of the data breach are going to increase. Whether you like it or not, but you and your business are heavily reliant upon data. The data that makes up your world and connects you to the world, the same data opens you for an attack or breach also, bitter but true!

What are the main elements of Data Security?

Well, there are three main elements to data security that all organizations must adhere to. If you’re from an IT background, you might be aware of the CIA Triad. CIA is a model designed to guide the policies for information security in an organization. Hence, it is important to apply these elements to any security program.

Confidentiality: It is a concept that makes sure that only authorized personnel is given access or permission to access and modify data.

Integrity: It means maintaining consistency, accuracy, and trustworthiness of data throughout the entire data lifecycle.

Availability: Availability means that only to authorized users should be able to access data whenever required.

Key Takeaways

Importance of Data Security | Whether you believe it or not, you live under a constant threat of data breaches. True, isn’t it? Every week, there is news of a data breach about some company that was not having complete security that resulted in a massive amount of data loss.

Not only do you need to install Port Locker in your system, but you need to train your employees and make them aware of data breaches. Now, you might be excited to know what is port locker. Well, a port locker is a data protection software that reduces the risk of data storage and data theft by locking and blocking the ports that might be dangerous.

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