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7 Types of Infectious Malwares You Must be Aware of in 2022

Infectious Malwares – Ransomware, Trojan horses, spyware, adware are some of the fancy words/Infectious Malwares that you might have heard.  But do you know there’s one thing that they have in common? You don’t want any of these to revolve near your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Malware can take a negative toll on your system in such a way that:  

  • It threatens your privacy.
  • It risks your computer security.
  • It is cumbersome to remove.
  • It often clubs with other software and destroys your system.
  • It might get installed without your knowledge.

Understand it as an umbrella term for any piece of software that has malicious content. It’s not just equivalent to getting cold during winter, it’s more than that. A handkerchief or a Crocin Cold is, unfortunately, is of no use here. So, before fighting back, it’s significant to get to know your enemy.

Some of the essential facts about Malware that you should know!

  • Every single minute four companies fall prey to Ransomware attacks.
  • 5, 60,000 new pieces of Malware are detected every single day.
  • There are now more than 1 billion Malware files or programs out there.
  • Trojan horses account for about 58% of all computer Malware.
  • Every week, Google finds 50 websites with Malware attacks.
  • The highest number of Malware-infected computers are found in China.

Well, after getting a sneak peek about what Malware exactly is, you might have some mind-boggling questions you want to clear out. Isn’t it?

  • How does Malware/Infectious Malwares might try to gain access to a network?

Imagine if a thief unlocks your house with a key, he will quickly steal things right from your bedroom to your storeroom. Scary! Isn’t it?

Understand if Malware becomes successful in infecting a proper network, it can spread to other devices such as your computer and other hardware devices as quickly as a wink! It has the supreme power to expose and leak your personal information in just a blink of an eye.

How Malware/Infectious Malwares infects a network entirely depends upon the way it is delivered.

However, there are some common forms of how Infectious Malwares might attack your network.

  1. Obsolete Security Systems and Software

You all might be aware that there are so many Infectious Malwares discovered every single day. Hence, without any shadow of a doubt, they can gain access by taking advantage of your system’s vulnerabilities found in systems and software.

Hence, it is pertinent to keep your systems and software updated. All you can do is install Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software and keep your system away from all the possible threats.

  • Fraud Software Update Sites

Fake software update websites are another gateway that helps Malware to attack your system. These sites direct you to other false websites via pop-up ads or some new browser ads.

These pop-up ads will navigate you through false advertisements. Afterward, clicking on any link will deliver Malware to your computer, and ultimately to the entire network.

  • Emails targeting a Business

Targeted emails are yet another common way for Malware to enter and disrupt your system. Businesses often send these emails to employees, managers, and other targeted audiences.

These emails might look official, however, the links and attachments in the email carry infectious viruses. In this case, total security software is there to help as it provides you with the fastest email scanning.

  • What are the 7 Different Types of Malware that can attack your system in 2021 and after?

The best way to put a halt to attacks caused by viruses, it’s important to keep yourself aware of the unique way they work.

Continue reading to learn more about the 11 deadly Malware types. Have a Look!

  1. Ransomware

It is a type of malware that prevents you from accessing your system, either by locking your screen or locking your files. Understand ransom (a fee) as a sum of the amount that you need to pay if you want to gain access to your system.

If you want to get hold of a decryption key, you need to pay a certain amount of ransom. The other name of Ransomware is “scareware” as it threatens you to pay a certain amount of money for decrypting your data. 

  • Spyware

It is a secret agent that keeps a vigilant eye on what you’re doing on your computer which means it collects pertinent data such as browsing habits, keystrokes, and forwards it to third parties without your consent.

It works step-by-step. First, it infiltrates your data, monitors and captures it, and then finally sends the stolen data to other parties. It is extremely dangerous that causes certain threats right from mild inconveniences to long-term financial damages that can be harmful to your business.

  • Adware

Adware is one of the most common nuisances and an irritant in the online world. It is unwanted software that’s specially designed to throw advertisements up on your screen. And no matter how much you click on closing the window, they keep buzzing on your screen, the same way flies buzz near your food.

And keep in mind that no matter which browser you’re using, whether it’s Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or any other, Adware affects each one of them! Stop the nuisance caused by Adware with Protegent Total Security Software as it scans and removes the adware that’s hiding in your device.

  • Trojans

Trojan horse is a type of malicious nuisance that might look valid but it takes the entire control of your computer. It acts like an authentic application which once gets installed on your computer can create wreaking havoc on your system without your consent.

It’s just like giving entry to someone in your house just by seeing the innocent face. Once the person enters your house, he attacks your house and steals all the useful things, be it money, jewelry, or any other thing! Once a Trojan enters your computer, it carries out malicious activities without your knowledge.

  • Rootkits

They are a perilous program that allows someone to take control of your computer. In simple words, it is a nasty type of malware that can severely impact your PC’s performance and can also put your confidential data at great risk.

The software installed with the aid of rootkits can be used to leak your passwords, credit card information, or other pertinent information without any intimation or detection. Its nefarious nature gives unauthorized access and control of your system to the attacker.

  • Keyloggers

Keyloggers are insidious yet effective spyware that gives hackers access to your personal data. This software monitors your activity on your computer. Keyloggers are generally used to monitor employees’ activity during work hours, however, they can be used for other purposes as well.

Commonly used to steal the data like your account number, your bank details, or any other payment information. Hackers insert this tool into your system via phishing (Email scams), email attachments, or any social engineering.

  • Fileless Malware

It is a type of malicious software that enters your computer system and makes a dwelling within the volatile i.e. (memory content that gets lost when the power is switched off) storage component such as RAM (Random Access Memory).

It doesn’t rely on any computer files and leaves no footprints, thereby making it challenging for everyone to detect it! Their insidious nature is what makes them more effective and powerful!

Fend Off the Infectious Malwares with Protegent Total Security Software!

Has your computer ever been the victim of an attack from any of the above-mentioned infectious malware types? If yes, then there is a place that can be your angel in disguise. No matter if your computer has been infected with Trojan, Adware, Spyware, or any other Malware, Protegent Total Security Software is there to help!

Right from the advanced cloud protection technology to parental control, Total security software has almost everything!

For more information, contact now and get help with all your software needs today!

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