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6 Different Types of Cyberattacks You Must be Aware of in 2022!

The digital world is witnessing enormous innovations in technology, however, these innovations come with a lot of repercussions as well. You all might have heard this statement that “there is a flip side to everything good! And that applies to the digital world today. There are so many types of cyberattacks in cyberspace that you need to be aware of.

Before heading to different types of cyberattacks, you need to know what is cyber-attack.

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What is a Cyber Attack?

Cyberattacks are unwelcome to attempt to steal, expose, and destroy sensitive information through unauthorized access to computer systems. It is an intentional act conducted by cybercriminals for stealing and fabricating pertinent data or disrupting digital systems. To fend away the risk of these cyberattacks, organizations need cyber security experts and software.

Through cyber security attacks, cybercriminals get access illegal and authorized access to one or more computers and use them according to their harmful intentions. There are various cyberattacks affecting individuals all across the globe.

So, what are the different types of cyber-attacks that you must be aware of in 2022? Have a look and get to know the ongoing list of cyberattacks that exist in the digital world.

What are the 7 different types of Cyber Attacks that you need to know in 2022?

Different studies have shown various types of cyberattacks in cyber security. Let’s have a look and understand the different types of cyberattacks in detail:

  1. Phishing

Phishing is a type of cyber attack that’s often used to steal data including your login credentials and credit card numbers and expose it to third parties without your intention. It occurs when an attacker dupes a victim and tricks him/her to open a suspicious email, instant message, or text message, that’ll lead to the installation of malware.

A phishing attack has devastating consequences. It is often used to gain a foothold incorporates so that the cybercriminal gains privileged access to secured data and information. An organization falling prey to such attacks results in huge financial losses. Phishing starts with a fraudulent email that’s designed specially to lure the interest of the victim. The message seems to come from a trusted sender. Sometimes, malware is also injected into your computer.

  • Ransomware

Amongst the different types of cyberattacks, Ransomware is one of the defenseless attacks that can result in data loss. It is sophisticated software that takes advantage of the system’s vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals demand a ransom in exchange for the data they have stolen from your system. If you fail to pay a ransom within the given timeline given by cybercriminals, your data will be lost forever.

It is one of the major types of cyberattacks in the Healthcare and Defense sectors. This malware seeks to hold your business systems for the only purpose of extorting money. Over the years, it has been noticed that Ransomware is one of the most effective and dangerous types of cyberattacks that an organization face.

  •  Password Attack

Password attacks are one of the most common forms of data breach that an organization comes across. It occurs when a hacker robs your password. Since passwords are comprised of letters and numbers, they are becoming less safe. Hackers are well aware of the fact that passwords are poorly framed, that’s the reason why passwords are easily compromised.

In these types of cyberattacks in Cyber security, the attackers attempt to hack different accounts of the users by hacking their profiles and stealing the passwords that give them illegal access to your sensitive information that will be sent to third parties for malicious purposes.

  • Man-in-the-middle Attack

A man-in-the-middle attack is a general term when a culprit positions himself in a conversation carried between a user and an application, either to spy or to impersonate one of the parties. The goal of this cyberattack is to steal sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card information, and account details. Ecommerce applications, users of financial institutions, where logging in is required.

The information gained during this attack could be used for malicious purposes, including identity theft, fund transfer, and data breach. If you want to avoid these cyberattacks, you need to follow some steps such as:

  • Avoiding Wi-fi connections that aren’t secured
  • Opening eyes towards browser notifications
  • Logging out of an application that’s not secured
  • Not using public networks such as those in coffee shops, restaurants, etc
  • Denial-of-service attack

A denial-of-service attack is a type of cyber attack in which a malicious person aims to shut down a machine or a network, thereby making it inaccessible to the end-users. Here attackers target systems, websites, or networks and flood them with traffic to exhaust the resources.

It is also known as a DDoS Attack which means Distributed Denial-of-service attack. It occurs when attackers use multiple systems to launch this attack. These attacks take advantage of your system’s vulnerabilities. Hence, it is important to keep your software updated.

  • Insider Threats

Insider threats in an organization are threats posed by individuals from within the organization such as current employees, or former ones. Insider threats are more common in industries such as healthcare, the financial sector, and government institutions, but they are capable enough to compromise the information security of an organization.

Insider threats are not always malicious. It includes any action from an insider that has the power to negatively impact the organization, and in most cases, these threats are borne out as a result of negligence and not malice. To put a halt to insider attacks, organizations need to inculcate a good culture of security awareness.

Final Words

Now, you might have come across 6 different types of cyberattacks. With the increasing number of cybercrimes today, it is essential to stay aware of cyberattacks and how they can be harmful for your organization or you, as an individual.

Have a look and stay ahead on the digital curve.

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