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Activity Reporter for Android

Activity Reporter for Android

Being able to monitor the activities of your close ones can help you protect them from several unforeseen dangers in modern times. Alternatively, knowing how your employees spend their time at the workplace can enable you in increasing productivity of your business. Computer surveillance is one aspect, but you can even monitor their performance on the go! Activity Reporter for Android has been designed to track and report what all an Android tablet or Android phone user does on his/her device. As the technology improves with each passing day, the present generation is fast turning towards portable computing devices. Here is an ideal spy to keep an eye on what your employee or young one is up to, through his/her smartphone or tablet.

You can now keep a track of their calls, SMSes, emails, websites browsed, applications used and even geographical location, that too without their knowledge. The software works in stealth mode to perform detailed monitoring of a user’s activity along with the duration. Rest assured, as now you are ably equipped to protect your closely guarded personal and professional information, as well as loved ones from uncalled-for circumstances. Not only this, you can also secure the data on your personal Android tablet or smart phone.

Why Use Activity Reporter for Android?

Security forms the mainstay of any business and computing scenario. Every individual, be it a working professional or a doting parent seeks personal and professional online safety in today’s environment. Activity Reporter for Android has been devised to address this need of the present generation. It can serve as an ideal surveillance tool for a worried father or an information security app for concerned management of a reputed organization. It combines the ease of technology with the virtues of its safe and ethical usage.

System Requirements

ActivityReporter for Android :

Operating System : Android 2.3.7(Ginger Bread) to Latest version of Android (4.2.2 Jelly Bean).

Hardware Requirements :

Activity Reporter for Android

Minimum 512 MB of RAM space


  • Lists all the installed apps in Android tablet or smartphone
  • Captures internet activities and websites visited, with Blacklist and White list features :-
  • Blacklist: URLs added to this list will be captured when visited and will appear red in reports
  • Whitelist: URLs added to this list will not be reported
  • Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP chats
  • Works in stealth mode to track each and every user activity without the user’s knowledge
  • Captures Application activities
  • Unique blacklisting and whitelisting features mark specific applications for detailed reporting :-
  • Blacklist: Applications added to this list will be captured and will be shown in red, in the reports.
  • Whitelist: Applications added to this list will not be captured or reported
  • Provides the details of start and end time for each application
  • The application monitor feature enables maintaining time-based logs for applications opened
  • Monitors and reports all the incoming and outgoing calls
  • Reports all the dialed, received and missed calls from specific contacts
  • Blacklisting specific contacts will allow detailed reporting of calls to and from them
  • Captures Clipboard contents
  • Manages email logs by reporting all sent and received emails, along with Subjects and Email IDs
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting specific Email IDs allow for elaborate Email reporting
  • Tracks GPS locations of Android tablet or phone users at specified durations
  • Manages GPS log by setting the GPS log duration in minutes (min. 1 minute to max. 120 minutes)
  • Captures all the sent and received SMS logs, with message body, date and time
  • Manage logs by setting log days (min. 1 day to max. 90 days)
  • Allows authorized user to set and change the password
  • Sends reports to specified Email ID through SMTP
  • Generates reports of internet activities, applications opened, sent/ received calls and SMSes, Email logs, clipboard contents, and GPS logs in plain text format
  • With its intuitive interface, it ensures easy monitoring even for naïve users
  • Provides the option to select the level of tracking required.
  • Logging of working hours and idle time of Android tablet and smartphone users
  • Allows password protected monitoring of specific Android tablet and smartphone