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Activity Reporter


Activity reporter is a game-changer that keeps track of every single activity your employee does on their workstations. It is an efficient software that helps to boost an employees’ overall productivity efficiently. It is a proactive solution to monitor your workforce and experience peace of mind.

A. Features:

  • Live Tracking of employee’s system.
  • Comes with the option of Screenshots,keylog,File transfer,outlook,internet download,Application Monitoring,internet usage,website visit.
  • Track the online and offline working of the employees.
  • Track the total time your employee worked and the time they sit idle.
  • Analyse the employees productive and non productive work.
  • Track High risk employees.
  • Get the user-wise activity details.
  • Receive the employees daily activity report analytics.

B. Benefits

  • Productivity evaluation.
  • Acts as evidence in case of any illegal activity.
  • Prevents data loss and breaches.
  • Maintains the discipline and the culture of the company.