Activity Reporter

Unistal Activity Reporter, Activity Reporting & Monitoring

Activity Reporter has proved to be an effective, robust and user friendly software. In today's scenario, Data Security is a major concern for all Corporates to keep competitors at ........more

Activity Reporter for Android

Unistal Activity Reporter for Android, Activity Reporting & Monitoring

Being able to monitor the activities of your close ones can help you protect them from several unforeseen dangers modern times bring in. Alternatively, knowing ........more

Crash Proof-Data Loss Prevention Software

Unistal Crash Proof, Data Loss Protection Software

Crash Proof - Data Loss Prevention Software. Crash Proof is a data loss prevention (DLP) software. Crash Proof helps the user to keep the updated backup of data. .......more

PC Reporter (Asset Tagging, Tracking & Early Warning)

Unistal PC Reporter, Asset Tagging & Tracking

PC Reporter (Asset Tagging, Tracking & Early Warning) is a Software which is used for pending Hard Disk problems. This Software is designed to protect your computer's .......more

Data Wipe - File Eraser Software

Unistal Data Wipe Software, Permanent File Deletion Software

Data Wipe software is used to remove the data permanently so that no one can recover this data. This software helps you to ensure security. Data Wipe ensures that file deletion ........more

Port Locker - Data Leakage Prevention Software

Unistal Port Locker, Data Leakage Protection

Port Locker Software helps the user to increase the level of the data security. This Software helps to prevent the data to be transferred from one system to another........more

Locate Laptop Desktop Security

Unistal Locate Laptop, Laptop Tracking Software

Locate Laptop is an important and user-beneficial Software. This Software protects your laptop from being stolen. Now-a-days increasing volume of laptop users have led ........more

Disk Repair - Bad Sector Removal Software

Disk Repair is a logical bad sector removal and repair software that removes the logical bad sectors and repairs "Track 0 Bad Disks". Bad Sectors are a major problem in Hard Disks, which are mainly logical in nature. .......more

Sys Boost – System Tune-Up Software

Unistal SysBoost, System Tune-up Software

Sys Boost is computer system tune-up software. It is an advance and used for manage, maintain and optimize the performance of your system. Sys Boost wipes junk files........more

Product Updates

Unistal’s Locate Laptop updated with various features on 23-Nov-2016. Some of the features are Selective Data Decryption, Image Capturing, Pin Point Location, etc....more

Unistal’s SysBoost is released on 10-Oct-2016. SysBoost is an advance software used to manage, maintain and optimize the performance of computer system....more


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