Quick Recovery for CD

QR-CDQuick Recovery for CD is a user friendly and easy-to-use CD recovery software. With the help of this software you can recover the data from CD. This software works in fully automated wizard. It is a do-it-yourself non-destructive data recovery software. This software performs all the process in just two simple steps (Analysis, Select & Save). Quick Recovery's unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETCh) supports ISO 9660, Joliet file systems. The main step of this software is data analyses.

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Features of Quick Recovery CD

  • Recover when CD is not accessible due to Table of Contents corruption
  • Recover data even with damaged CD-R, CD-RW.
  • Unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETCh).
  • Recovers even when directory structure is damaged.
  • Recovers even if Volume Descriptor is bad.
  • Displays user recoverable data before actual saving

System Requirements

  • Supports ISO9600, JOLIET file system.
  • Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008, 2003 and 2000
  • 800 MHZ processor or higher
  • RAM
    • 500 MB (Windows XP)
    • 1 GB (Windows Server 2008, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Vista)
  • Hard Disk
    • 50 MB available Hard Disk space

How it Works?

This software is used to recover the data from CD. Software works as follows:

You need to install the software and put the CD in CD-Rom. Then, select the CD-Rom and it will start recovering the data and will show it to you. If you want you can save the data so that you can use it in the future.

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Why use Quick Recovery for CD?

This is an important software. This software helps you to read the data from CD in many cases like when System hangs while reading CD, CD not readable in other CD drives, Damage due to scratches, cracks etc. If you have the data in the CD but you are not able to read the data, then you can use this software. You can use this software in case of blank disk issues. If the TOC (Table of Contents) is damaged then also you can employ this software.





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